The 4th installment of comic-con returned to Delhi this year. Comic-con was held at Thyagraj stadium, I.N.A from Feb 7-9. Unlike last year this year comic-con had day to day ticket for its fans while there were also superfan passes. The moment I entered, I was welcomed with volunteers tagging me with the official Comic Con band for the year. The event was divided into three zones namely, experience zone, exhibitor zone and food court. World renowned comic book writers and artists like Mark Waid, David Lloyd were also present there. They shared their insight, their vision about writing comic books. David Lloyd is best known as illustrator of the story V for Vendetta. He shared his story about how he got vision to illustrate V’s Guy Fawkes inspired appearance. Mark Waid is American comic book writer, best known for comic arc of Flash and Superman-Birthright. He shared his childhood story of how he used to get excited while reading comics and dreamt of becoming comic book writer. He also shared his experience of working on projects like that of wonder-woman and crossover with marvel comics for “Age of Apocalypse”. Not to forget the highlight of it all, the long running classic Peanuts finally hit the comic convention with their exhibition, Inside Peanuts: The Life and Art of Charles M. Schulz.
The entire auditorium was like a fantasy hall for me. With  hall filled with larger than life sculpture of various characters.

Iron man 

Also at 4:00pm there was special screening of Supernatural. There was 20 minutes of screening which was thrilling and enchanting.
There were various stalls selling comic books and t-shirts of various characters. They were sections filled with fun printed tees, collectibles and even the first on-ground experience of Sony Playstation 4 for game lovers. There were also stalls with mammoth signs of the very popular sitcom series of How I Met Your Mother with Barney Stinson stealing the show across with huge “Legendary” and “Suit Up” signboards.
The grand finale was best “COSPLAY” contest where each one dressed up as their favorite character and tried to live up to its billing. Some dressed like ironman, some wolverine, ninja turtle, bane, many were seen dressed as Captain Jack sparrow. There was even a special performance by two Japanese Cosplayers – Miya Tomoko and Akiha Ura from Cure & World Cosplay. Super-kudi was center of attraction as people lined up to get themselves clicked with her. The Coplay contest was eventually won by the guy who cosplayed as “Loki”- God of mischief. He lived up to his cosplayed character of Loki and was overwhelming favorite to win the contest. There was also free merchandise distribution by marvel and D.C universe. It was a fulfilled environment which engulfed whole stadium. The send-off was warm and it done with promise of returning next year with a more gala-event.

Cosplay of Super Kudi

Cosplay of Loki