This page covers the article:

“Oh my god”
The article is by Venika Menon, (AIS Noida, XII J) where she describes
We all still believe in god, but still fight in the name of religious hostility.
Religion has been around since time immemorial. Rather than questioning we should
reflect on ourselves. We should fulfil our purpose on this earth whether god
exist or not. Religion is used as an instrument for votes, to fool people etc.
There are thousands of people working in offices, lab doing their bit to bring
smile on others face. Working for own happiness and for others is what religion
Here Shruti Sinha, (AIS Vasundhra 6, XD) tell how women still disrespected
And dishounoured in todays modern world too. The scenario of today is the
Independence and safety of women has been stamped with a big question
Mark. No wonder, delhi is dubbed as the rape capital of India. Now what laws are
Made for women safety? Why do culprits easily get away with a heinous crime?
The questions are still unanswered. Although several mobile applications,
Helpline numbers, special couses on self defence,night shelters is not just
Enough but the mindset of people must change.

          “ A Happy New Year Message by Dr.Amita Chauhan”
Dr Amita Chauhan wishes that all amitians set goals to achieve ,become great
World leaders and make this world a better a better and happier place.
She tells “let’s challenge, let’s determine, let’s achieve.” Lets create our
Own history and live life of immense value and happiness.

                 “Om shree Ganeshaya Namah”
“Vira Sharma, managing director states that the above mantra chanted before
The beginning of any auspicious event in hindu tradition literally means
“Ganesha, I pray to you”, is said to bring prosperity and progress.

This pages covers the first 6 months of the year and the events being organized:
January : 11- Ring in the year with GT’S EDITION.
                26- reel in patriotic fervor.
February:26- keep tab for scholastic alerts.
March:     8-  interview of famous women personality.
                16- holi celebration.
April :      22- YP GRAND FINALE.
                27- Dr. Amita Chauhan birthday.
May:         20- GT Travels

June:        25- Bring out the poet in you.