The recent train incident in Bihar shook the whole nation. On August 19, at least 37 people were killed. The victims hailed from various districts of Bihar. Among them were, 13 women four children and 20 men. The train driver was held hostage by the pilgrims and was beaten quite brutally.

This is just a mere part of what happens during the course of a year. Around 15000 people are killed every year while crossing the railway tracks. Th number might be shocking but its the hard truth. About 6000 deaths are reported in Mumbai suburbs only.

So who should be blamed?
While the local administration can be blamed about not warning the railways about the rush of pilgrims but it also can't be denied that the railways failed to manage the crowds and notify the driver beforehand.

Why are people forced to trespass railway lines?
It is because of inadequate pedestrian over-bridges, escalators and narrow platforms. The trespass takes place mainly on account of lack of barricading and fencing.
The failure to eliminate level crossing is another major reason.

The unmanned level crossings cause the most casualties. 40% of the nations level crossings are unmanned. Though faced with financial stress, the national transporter has set its target i.e. of eliminating certain number of level crossings during the 12th five year plan and not adding any new level crossing in future.

Till then we can only express grief about all the lives lost.

-Abhimanyu Singh Yadav