Student coordinator
Amity School Of Engineering
Amity University
Noida,Uttar Pradesh

22 december 2013

Amity Youth Fest 2014
Amity University
Noida,Uttar Pradesh
Subject: proposal of new events for amity youth fest 2014.
Being the student coordinator Vivek gupta amity school of engineering  of AYF  2014 , want to propose some new events to be organized during Amity Youth Fest 2014.some cultural and technical events should be organized. All the students of ASE wants some new events in AYF 2014.Here I am suggesting some new events.
Starting with the cultural events I would like to organize the dance competition for the student who loves dancing. We can organize dance competition in two ways. One is for the individual dance and secondly for group dancing. In cultural events , singing competition , painting and drawing competition  should also be organized. In technical events there will be events like ANIMAX which is conducted to reduce the gap between the IT industry requirements and the academic,it is necessary to make the students aware of the importance in designing and animations. The workshops intends to train the participants in animations and generate animation in designing. Robocon which is to be organized for the mechanical students in which there will be a quiz competition. Through this competition student will gain information about the robots. The above events are the ones recommended the most by the students. 
So, I request you to kindly pay heed to the proposal and encourage us by approving our request to organize the events suggested above.I as a student co-ordinator request you to approve this proposal as soon as possible so that we can start working on it and make Amity Youth Festival one of the unforgettable and entertaining Festival Amity University ever had.

Yours sincerely,

Vivek gupta
Student Co-ordinator
Amity University