12th Auto Expo 2014

The Motor Show

By -Ankur Wadhwa

The Auto Expo was held at the Greater Noida Expo Mart, Noida, U.P. The expo is a biennial event. This venue was chosen because of the traffic management issues associated with the last venue which was Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. The expo showcases innovation in the automobile sector. This time it was all about concept vehicles. All the automobile companies focused on showcasing hybrid technologies. The concept vehicles were on display which will take time to finally take on the Indian roads. The different brand booths had their vehicles along with the beautiful female models and handsome male models. In the view of drawing larger crowds the models were chosen like that. These models were not only there for standing next to the vehicle for photos or videos but also to explain about the vehicle features which they were standing next to(many people did not know that!!).

 The Hero Motocorp’s exhibition was the best in displaying the concepts and the future two vehicles of the company. It was the most innovative of all the stalls of the automobile brands. The Maruti Suzuki stall of four wheelers was heavily crowded for India’s first automatic gear shift car in the market which was fuel efficient. The only star I know arrived at the expo was Akshay Kumar who promoted Honda’s two wheeler segment as he is the brand ambassador of the company. There was performance by the dance group MJ5 at the Renault’s stall. The highlight of the event was the display of Chevrolet’s muscle cars Corvette and Camaro. i eagerly waited to see them and felt great on seeing them.
The expo was well organized and I did not see any glitches in the management. There were proper directions for each stall and interactive screens too for people to find whatever information they needed of the venue or the expo. Though the food stalls were set up by well-known giants they offered food for almost twice or thrice the price they offer at their joints, so this needs to be taken care of for the next expo. From my side I give a thumbs up to the expo and it was a wonderful experience and I recommend everyone who has interest in getting to know about the technological advancements and innovation in the automobile sector. It is always a visual treat and a learning experience.