Student coordinator
Amity School Of Engineering
Amity University
Noida,Uttar Pradesh

22 december 2013

Amity School Of Engineering
Amity University
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Subject: proposal of events for amity youth fest 2014.
I write this letter, as the student coordinator (III-semester) of Amity youth fest 2014 to propose twenty fourth to twenty sixth of March as the duration of the fest . Considering the various demands of the affair, I have prepared a list of proposed events for the fest.
Starting the fest with the sports on first day, different teams from different institutes will compete to prove the worth in sports like cricket, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis, football, shooting, swimming etc in the day. Each institute can send a maximum of two teams and this will be informed two month prior so as to choose their teams.  Sports for singles like table tennis, lawn tennis and shooting can have a maximum of three worthy competitors from each institute. Only the finals will be held on that day the prelims will starts one month before hand. In the evening we will host a fashion show. This fashion show will be held by Amity School Of Fashion And Technology.
Second day, will be for the technical fun. Many departments have suggested some events some of them are “GEEK BATTLE” it is an online programming and quiz competition testing the skills of programmers and non-programmers alike in the fields of aptitude, general knowledge and programming/coding skills which include the session of live code submission, ”LAN GAMING” Funfilled online gaming platform, “ROBO-HUSTLE Crusade through the track if u can!!”In this thrilling event, the participants have to make their robots travel through a track with interesting turns and twist etc. In the evening their will be a cultural and rock music event.

On third and the last day there will be events in which students will get talents in front of the college. The events will be like Oscillation (Western Group/Duel Dance), A'Broad-Sway (Theatre Dramatics-Hindi/English), AYF 'Sound of Feeling' 2014(KARAKOKE) and many more like them. To end the fest with a bang we want to arrange a star night where we will try to get some really famous singers or band.

These are some ideas which we are sharing with you and would be pleased if you approve all of them. I as a student co-ordinator request you to approve this proposal as soon as possible so that we can start working on it. We will be informing all the progress we make.
Kindly also provide us with the estimated budget that university has planed. We will also inform you about the sponsors as soon as they will finalise.
Thanking you

Yours Truly
ENROLLMENT NO. A12405212004